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            Property (16)

            • Ufficespace

              400 135 9800
              Rm 5G, Building A, Jiafa Mansion, 129 Datian Lu, near Beijing Xi Lu
              大田路129号嘉发大厦A栋5G, 近北京西路

              Ufficespace focuses on commercial real estate consultancy and brokerage service. They also provide one-stop hassle-free office relocation service including the leasing, contracts and project management.

            • Bliss Office

              400 8090 660
              58 Jiaozhou Lu, near Yuyuan Lu
              胶州路58号, 近愚园路

              A professional property agency that focuses on office space rental. 

            • Maison Property

              135 1211 1208
              Rm801, Yueda 889, 1111 Changshou Lu, near Wanhangdu Lu
              长寿路1111号悦达889广场801室, 近长寿路

              Maison Property Agency is a fully licensed real estate agency. It focuses on lease and sale of commercial and residential property in Shanghai. All of the agents in the team are bilingual.

            • EasyComer

              3100 9516
              Rm705, Building 1, 65 Chifeng Lu, near Siping Lu
              赤峰路65号1号楼705, 近四平路

              A professional accomodation-searching agency with international team. They partner with many local universities in Shanghai.

            • Oasis Offices

              6103 6888
              2nd Floor 58 Taicang Lu, near Jinan Lu
              太仓路58号, 近济南路

              Shanghai’s  boutique executive office provider which is located in downtown Shanghai. Their membership varies from Day Pass to a Full Week.

            • Hao Realty

              134 8285 0617
              1/F, Bldg 12, Lane 1670 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Hunan Lu
              淮海中路1670弄12号1楼, 近湖南路

              Hao Realty is a Chinese real estate agency focusing on mid-to-high-rent properties for expats in Shanghai. They offer an English-speaking service.

            • Lan Apartments

              6279 1088
              601 Fengyang Lu, near Datian Lu
              凤阳路601号, 近大田路

              Lan Apartment provides service apartment lease in Shanghai. No service fee included.

            • CJIA Apartment

              4006 565 565
              Building 13, 699 Wuzhong Lu, near Zhonghuan Lu
              吴中路699号13幢, 近中环路

              With over more than 10,000 apartments all over China, CJIA offers weekly, monthly and long-term service apartment rental. You can book to see their apartments on their website.

            • Shanghai Zhenshe Housing

              150 0216 9047
              237 Hengshan Lu, near Yongjia Lu
              衡山路237号, 近永嘉路

              Zhenshe Housing provides residential and commercial searching and lease management.

            • WinFlat

              3220 6551
              Rm2606, 495 Jiangning Lu, near Kangding Lu
              江宁路495号2606室, 近康定路

              WinFlat helps you to find the right property in Shanghai. They have their own Youtube Channel to teach you useful tips when it comes to apartment hunting and living in Shanghai.

            • Move2China

              3372 2221
              121 Jiangsu Lu, near Changning Lu
              江苏路121号, 近长宁路

              A Property searching website where you can find apartments or post properties. Move2China also covers Shenzhen and Beijing.

            • Suiyu Youth Community

              5265 6707
              No.5, Lane 45, Kangding Dong Lu, near Taixing Lu
              康定东路45弄5号, 近泰兴路

              Suiyu Youth Community Apartments are in 8 districts in Shanghai. They also aim to build communities with all tenants around the world.

            • JIA Real Estate

              5820 1929
              7F, 450 Fushan Lu, near Xiangcheng Lu
              福山路450号7楼, 近向城路

              JIA Real Estate provides lease for service apartment lease, old house and villa. They also work as corporate outsource partners to look for the right place for expats in Shanghai.

            • Longfor Group

              6070 9888
              6F, Builiding B, 799 Shenchang Lu, near Zhouhong Lu
              申长路799号虹桥天街B馆6F, 近舟虹路

              Longfor group has offices all over China providing long-term apartment rental service. They have a 24/7 hotline that can answer you questions.

            • Joanna Real Estate

              5228 5528
              Rm 2807-2810, 228 Meiyuan Lu, near Gonghe Lu
              梅园路228号, 2807-2810室, 近共和路

              Joanna Real Estate (JRE) is a luxury relocation services provider in China, specializing in corporate service, relocation, home and school finding, and visa services.

            • Ambassador Relocation

              6217 8589
              21F, 1399 Beijing Xi Lu, near Changde Lu

              Ambassador Relocation provides relocation services to expats in China. They manage a database of properties and provide 24/7 tenancy management, promising a 30-minute call back response time and a...