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            Baby & Children (27)

            • Shanghai SKY Clinic

              5153 0222
              396 Hongbaoshi Lu, near Jinzhu Lu
              红宝石路396号, 近金珠路

              We provide mainly to the local expatriate community. Our intention is to expand SKY Clinic through it’s existing patient base to all the clients in Shanghai with no distinction of nationalities by providing a first class healthcare suitable to each...

            • Jiahui International Hospital

              400 868 3000
              689 Guiping Lu, near Qinjiang Lu
              桂平路689号, 近钦江路

              Jiahui Health is a relatively new series of private clinics providing family medicine and specialist medical services. There is one opposite Charlie's on Changshu Lu. But those clinics, while perfectly nice, pale in comparison to the massive,...

            • Shanghai United Family Hospital

              400 639 3900
              699 Pingtang Lu, near Kele Lu
              平塘路699号, 近可乐路

              Shanghai United Family is a private hospital with two branches in Shanghai. For many years, it was one of the very few private emergency rooms in Shanghai. Its Hongqiao branch has a 24/7 emergency room that can handle acute surgical emergencies, neonatal intensive...

            • SinoUnited Health

              400 186 2116
              Shanghai Center, Suite 601, West Tower, 1376 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Xikang Lu
              南京西路1376号, 上海商城西峰601室,近西康路

              SinoUnited Health is in the business of preventing and treating disease through diagnosis and both surgical and non-surgical treatment for adults and kids(Gefei Center and New Bund...

            • Parkway Health

              400 819 6622
              4/F, 389 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Huangpi Bei Lu
              南京西路389号, 近黄陂北路

              Parkway is an entirely reliable way to see a doctor or a dentist in Shanghai. No waits, English-speaking, foreign-trained staff operate out of six locations in Shanghai. There's a doctors surgery that's good for...

            • Yosemite Clinic & Hospital

              4008 500 911
              B1-1F, 1398 Fangdian Lu, near Lanhua Lu
              芳甸路1398号B1-1F, 近兰花路

              Yosemite is a new entrant in the heart of downtown that most old-timers probably don't know about. On the corner near Guyi(entrance on Fumin Lu), it does all the regular outpatient stuff but also has a 24/7...

            • St. Michael Hospital

              5155 1858*0 / Emergency: 6270 5300
              388 Hongbaoshi Lu, near Gubei Lu
              红宝石路388号, 近古北路

              St. Michael Hospital opened in 2009 to serve the expat community of Gubei and beyond.  St. Michael Hospital is part of the Asia Pacific...

            • OB/GYN Hosptial Of Fudan University

              6501 6186
              358 Dalin Lu, near Fangxie Lu
              大林路358号, 近方斜路
            • Rici Women's and Children's Hospital

              3211 3000
              1314 West Beijing Lu

              Shanghai Rici Women's and Children's Hospital is located in the center of the city, close to Shanghai Children's Hospital. The hospital covers an area of over 10,000 square meters. It has departments of obstetrics,...

            • Healthway Medical Center

              6359 1166
              371 Xinzha Lu, near Xinchang Lu
              新闸路371号, 近新昌路

              Healthway Medical or 'The Group' has been around since 1990, a private healthcare provider born in Singapore, and fast developing in Shanghai. They’ve got additional services and a...

            • American-Sino Women's & Children's Hospital

              3175 2520?for Pediatrics; 3175 2530?for OB/GYN
              2- 3/F, Block 6, Clove Apartment Building, 800, HuaShan Lu, near Changle Lu
              华山路800号6号楼2-3楼, 近长乐路

              American-Sino and ASOG provide prenatal packages and birthing options (from natural birth to c-sections) from certified specialists from overseas and China. It's a popular choice for Shanghai families and expats;...

            • Olivia's Place

              5404 0058
              35 Yongjia Lu, near Maoming Lu
              永嘉路35号, 近茂名路

              Provide affordable pediatric therapy, physical, and speech therapy services, as well as educational and clinical psychology services to local and expatriate children.

            • Sunshine Children's Clinic

              5477 6480
              85 Yili Nan Lu, near Guyang Lu
              伊利南路85号, 近古羊路
            • Renai Hospital

              5489 3781
              133 Cao Xi Lu, near Tianlin Dong Lu
              漕溪路133号, 近田林东路

              Renai Hospital's a general hospital that offers services in: Plastic Surgery, Dental, Gyneocology, Pediatrics, and more. They have a version of a VIP clinic (note for cost: 300rmb is the average consultation price...

            • Yoga Room (Kerry Center)

              2221 9800
              Jing'an Kerry Centre, 2/F, 1515 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Tongren Lu
              南京西路1515号2楼, 近铜仁路

              This premium yoga studio offers an array of classes like Flow, Detox Flow, Flow Vinyasa, and Pre Natal yoga all taught by certified professional yoga teacher. Located in the facilities of the Jing'an Kerry Centre,...