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            • Laundry Town

              • Address
                Pick-up and delivery service only
              • Phone
                187 2114 6405

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            • Uclean Laundry

              • Address
                198 Xizang Bei Lu, near Qufu Lu
                西藏北路198号, 近曲阜路
              • Phone
                151 6243 5383

              Dry-cleaning service that does pick-up and deliveries only (the address is for staff offices, not for walk-in clients). You can organize pick-up via phone call or WeChat; the store has Shunfeng delivery pick it up and deliver it back to your home within a week, or... Read more

            • Easy Life Laundry

              • Address
                16/F, Bldg 15, Lane 900 Lanxi Lu, near Zhichuan Lu
                兰溪路900弄15号楼16楼, 近芝川路
              • Phone
                186 1684 3107

              Professional dry cleaning and laundry company offering same- or next-day pick-up, delivery and bulk laundry services. Leather goods takes 3-5 working days to clean. Delivery is free for jobs over 300rmb, otherwise it's 38rmb. You can organize pickup via their WeChat... Read more

            • Josephine Laundry (Gongping Lu)

              • Address
                746 Gongping Lu, near Yuezhou Lu
                公平路746号, 近岳州路
              • Phone
                173 2111 0727

              Professional dry-cleaning service, also provides leather care. Read more

            • Elephant King Laundry

              • Address
                456 Anyuan Lu, near Changde Lu
                安远路456号, 近常德路
              • Phone
                6252 0338

              Professional dry cleaning chain with a four-day turnaround and lots of locations around town. They do all the usual, plus they can treat harder materials like ski suits and cashmere for 180rmb/3 pieces. They also do delivery, organized by phone or by WeChat (most of... Read more

            • ChemDry Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Service

              • Address
                98 Laiting Nan Lu, near Banting Lu
                涞亭南路98号, 近半亭路
              • Phone

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            • Speed Queen

              • Address
                1111 Chengshan Lu, near Yanggao Nan Lu
                成山路1111号, 近杨高南路
              • Phone
                5893 1393

              Coin-operated self-service laundromat, coming in at about 20rmb for a 10kg load, plus 5-8rmb per 10 minutes of drying. Read more

            • Wonder Wash Laundromat

              • Address
                419 Qinzhou Bei Lu, near Guilin Lu
                钦州北路419号, 近桂林路
              • Phone
                136 5164 0473

              Coin-operated self-service laundromat, washes cost between 20-40rmb and 20rmb for 30 minutes drying. Read more

            • Wash Club

              • Address
                10/F, 199 Wulumuqi Bei Lu, near Yuyuan Lu
                乌鲁木齐北路199号10楼, 近愚园路
              • Phone
                130 6175 2895

              Delivery-only dry cleaning company that does offers free pick-up service and next-day delivery. They also do bulk laundry for 65rmb for 3kg, and they offer a "serviced apartment" service where they'll clean your apartment and provide fresh bedding and towels once or... Read more

            • ITAGREK

              • Address
                881 Haiyang Lu, near Hongshan Lu
                海阳路881号, 近洪山路
              • Phone
                5882 9186

              Laundry service that deals with leather, bedsheets and shoes. Read more

            • Easywash Laundromat

              • Address
                No. 294, Lane 100 Zhongtan Lu, near Yuanjing Lu
                中潭路100弄294号, 近远景路
              • Phone
                189 1825 1308

              Coin-operated self-service laundry that works 24/7 for members (memberships cost 100rmb), otherwise you have to go between 9am-5pm, when the staff's there. Accepts cash, WeChat and Alipay. Read more