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            Live Music is Quietly Returning to Shanghai But We Can't Really Tell You Where

            By May 6, 2020 Music

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            Very quietly, and in very distant parts of town, live music is beginning to return. Last Thursday night saw Minhang outpost LOFAS celebrate its opening night with *gasp* live music. Music, played live, by people, in front of more people. Roundeye was in attendance, keeping a safe six feet apart and strictly following regulations. Friday night, they were also at a low-key live show at NEO Bar for another mini concert. Then, over the weekend, live bands began returning to a couple places known for them, but the whole thing has been hush-hush; they are not yet allowed to promote the return of live music in public. Still, if you are looking for jazz, literally underground, or third-floor funk (THOSE ARE CLUES), then you might try calling around to see who has a show on this upcoming weekend.

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