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            And Then There Was One: Windows Scoreboard Closed

            By May 15, 2020 Nightlife

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            We're not sure when it happened, but it did. At some point in the last couple months, a Shanghai institution was relegated to the dustbin of history: Windows Scoreboard, once the crowning jewel of what has since become TX Mall, has closed. A shame. Lots of memories there. Many of them good! Some dating from after 2015, even. Horrible, phase-shifting hangovers, too, but surprisingly not as much food poisoning as you'd expect.

            The elevator just opens onto the metal grate now. Seems the mall just isn't the right place anymore for a grimy student dive bar. No space for playlists that hadn't been updated since Seether was in the Top 10 on the rock charts. Gentrification, we decry! Where will the students go for their hourly free tequila shots? That leaves Windows Garage (or is it Underground?) as the last holdout. What an ignominious fall since 2018, when the Windows empire briefly flirted with success, opening a spot on the Bund.

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