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            Oh Shit: Arkham's Closing This Weekend For Good

            By May 12, 2020 Nightlife

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            Shock! Horror! Surprise! Maybe not surprise, but definitely a sudden development: according to their WeChat, Arkham, a long-time fixture on the club kid circuit, is closing this weekend. For good! No "we'll be back soon" no " 'renovations' ," no "shifting to a pop-up format," just ... seven years and out, baby! They announce it proudly. Four years in the cramped confines of a concrete cage on Wulumuqi Lu, then another three in the concrete cage of Found 158. But what a concrete cage it was! They hosted in the A$AP crew, Chromeo, Will Smith Jr., Lil Yachty, DJ Snake, Thundercat, ZHU, Bohan Phoenix, the Higher Brothers (back when that was cool) — yeah man, that's not a bad line for the epitaph. Some good times were had down there. Go drink it dry on Friday & Saturday.

            Why? Whatever, leave it for the historians: Arkham's going out, and they're going out with a bang. Big old blow-out party on Friday and Saturday, almost certain to be packed, sweaty and heaving, a real nightmare for the bao'ans who still have to check suishenma at the staircase. Here's an excerpt from their WeChat post announcing the closure.

            Arkham is throwing one last party before the club closes. For good. Join us for a fiesta weekend to celebrate 7 amazing years pushing the culture forward and to drink the club dry!

            Biggie once sang “It was all a dream”. As we proudly announce that Arkham is closing down next weekend after 7 YEARS DOING IT, that is how we feel.

            It has been a dream to serve you, Shanghai, by shaping the alternative music culture here one night at a time. Giving a platform to local emerging artists, supporting local rising stars, and bringing global icons to China for the first time. And it has been a dream to party with you all in the place we call home.

            HOME because all are welcome here – hardcore music heads, hiphop community, creatives, LGBTQIA, people who just like to hang out with a drink around great music.

            Let’s do it one last time, Arkham people.

            See you at the (Ruijin/Julu) crossroad, Arkham. Wansui.

            An image from its earlier, blue-er days.

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