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            Stone Brewing Space Re-Opening as Commune Reserve, 90% the Same but Now with French Fries!

            By Apr 18, 2020 Nightlife

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            Stone Brewing made a surprise exit back in March. And now their old space is making a surprise return, with almost everything the same as before except the name (now Commune Reserve) and the correction of a glaring oversight — French fries and ketchup. Commune, as a brand, has more than 30 beer bottle shops around China, from Nanning to Beijing, but for Shanghai, they are basically doing Stone 2.0. Passing the torch as it were. Twenty of the 30 taps will remain Stone beers, permanently, and the other ten taps will rotate between other Chinese breweries and Stone specials. The kitchen staff is the same. The servers are the same. The menu is the same. It's pretty much all the same, with the exception of the fries and the fact that they will now serve cocktails as well. Expect Commune Reserve to open by the end of the month.

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            • 2 months ago florch01


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