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            Yes Beer Bros, Mikkeller Is Opening a Taproom In Shanghai and Brewdog Might Be Too

            By Apr 30, 2020 Nightlife

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            The rumors are true, fans of the amber liquid! Spring will bring with it one and possibly as many as two new beer spots. Mikkeller, a Copenhagen microbrewery and indie-beer-darling, is opening its first China store. Right here! In Shanghai! Big excitement for beer nerds. It's taking up a prime ground floor spot in a pristine white new complex opening up just behind the 7/11 on Yanping Lu. 20-some taps of the Danish staff and bottles, sleek, modern Scandi atmosphere, no Edison bulbs. Expect that late May.

            Elsewhere, Brewdog finally has a hoarding up in Merchant's Plaza. The Scottish brewery loomed large in China's craft beer scene for a while, even inspiring a knock-off in Changzhou, but plans for their own location have been slow to take off. They announced plans in 2018 and it's only now that it seems like it might actually be happening. Maybe. Construction expected to start after May holidays, and opening probably end of July. Maybe. Probably. Maybe.

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