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            Hey! Check Out SmSh’s New WeChat Mini Program!

            By Jan 17, 2020 SmartShanghai

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            We’ve been working hard over here and launched the all-new SmartShanghai WeChat Mini Program this week. Did you know?

            For the moment, it’s got the patented, trademarked SmSh Directory which lists more than 15,000 venues across Shanghai, from Bar Rouge to the Typewriter Museum. No need to ever leave WeChat again to get an address, phone number or opening hours. Even better, you can share venues directly in WeChat with friends!

            How do I find and use it?

            In Conversations View, slide the screen down until you see a list of Mini Programs.

            Search for SmartShanghai or select the blue SmSh logo from the list.

            Search for the venue you want to see or share by name.

            Use the Share Button to share in a WeChat conversation or Group.


            For the full SmartShanghai experience on your phone download our app for iOS and Android.

            TELL EVERYONE


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